High Founder NPS MATTERS!!! Don’t take our word for it. Hear from our founders:

“Josh has been an exceptional asset to our team. Not only has he helped us secure top talent and valuable customers, but he's also been a sounding board for my own personal growth as a founder and leader. His approachable style and willingness to listen make him a valuable partner in any business venture. I highly recommend Josh as an investor - he's the kind of person who always has your back and goes above and beyond to support your success.”

- Channi Greenwall, Founder of Olympix
“Josh has been an incredible connector for the team at Nibiru. Helping founders raise capital and recruit the best candidates is so important, and Josh has become a central node for our team. He is a top tier seed investor.”

- Boris Revsin, Co-Founder and COO of Nibiru
“Josh has been in our corner from day one. His experience as an operator in the space has been invaluable. Josh is responsive and proactive when we need an introduction, some advice, a reference, and everything in between. It really feels like he is part of the team.”

- Dillon Liang and Nic Roberts-Huntley, Co-Founders of Alt-1